Problems with a list and dynamic variables

I’ve got problems with a list: I’ve inizialized 3 global variables and another one that creates an empty list. I’ve created a button to put the 3 global variables in that empty list; but doesn’t work!
Can you help me please? If you have any questions ask me!
Thank you so much!!

do it like this, no need for these 3 variables

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I’ve tried… it doesn’t work. I set the code as you suggests but the AI companion app on my smartphone doesn’t create a list with thiese 3 textboxes. When I click the Botton2 nothing happens.

Are you adding the list to ListView1.Elements ?

I’ve tried in these two ways…stil dowesn’t work!

Set the Listview1.Elements to the list (NOT the list to the elements!)
Also, put this after you put the textboxes in the list, not before

blocks (19)


Thank you so much! Solved!

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