Problems Tinydb and list view and multiple screen

I'm making an app, but there's a problem.

  1. I want to save the picture taken on screen 5 or the picture taken from the album to Tiny db when I press the Save button.

    This is app screen 5.

This is the coding screen of screen 5.

  1. The tag of the information stored on screen 5 appears on screen 4.(currently untagged)

  2. If you select one list from the list view on screen 4, I want the information stored on screen 5 to appear on screen 7.
    What coding should I use?

    This is app screen 7.

    This is the coding screen of screen 7.

of course the picture can't be saved because what you saved is not the picture but the component, remove the one I crossed out here and

replace with this

I can't see the list view. could you share the project with us so we could know how far you do

Please help me.
H (1).aia (22.1 KB)

ok, I'm trying

Hi @122_zznnzz I have debugged some code from your project, give it try :grin:
H_new.aia (22.7 KB)

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Oh my god you are amazing it's really made the way I want it to be. Thank you so much

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