Problems sending SMS

Hi all,
I can't send sms by App Inventor and I cannot find out why.


I have a double SIM phone. It could affect the sending of SMS?


Dear Guido, welcome to the community.
Though I'm Italian, too, I suggest you to translate the blocks before postinh them on the forum, otherwise the other Power Users will have difficulty to understand what is written and suggest you the correct solution.
That said, the first hint that I can tell you is to try with a phone that has only one SIM, to avoid any related doubt.
If the problem persists, please post again the blocks but in English, this will give you a larger visibility.

PS For example, I've used the SMS sending capability to remotely control the house heating (based on Arduino).
My blocks were:

Hi Uskiara,
Thanks for your suggestions and sorry for the italian. I have uploaded
the english version of my simplified block (Send is a texting compoment). I tried it on another phone with just one sim inside: the SMS wasn't sent but at least the phone's message app opened with the message text and the numeber. I should have click on the send button. It supposed to send the SMS automatically, without human task. The app has SMS permission on the phone.
thanks a lot

Check you phone sms settings if there is a master sim to use for sending messages.

In that case, you should use this block

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You will need the companion app provided via the AI2 web page:
Help > Companion Information > Download/Scan Code.

This will give you Companion 2.66u with the Direct blocks

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Dear @Twin_Peaks (Guido),
please check the difference between my blocks and yours, as @Boban said :slight_smile:
Then, whether you don't have the SendMessageDirect blocks available, apply what @TIMAI2 suggests.
Hoping that will solve the issue.
Ciao !

Thanks all ... now it works!!!

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