Problems regarding the game 'mole mash'

Hello everyone! I'm currently making a 'mole mash' game. This game, unlike the game example shown by the website, has additional items, e.g. touching different moles receive different scores, the mole can randomly move.
But as I'm a student, I must follow the instructions my teacher gave me (Personally, I think the instructions are making things more complicated). Here are the instructions for easier understanding and reference:
MoleMash.pdf (102.0 KB)
Well, you may think why I post this? It's because I have some inquiries when I'm designing the code. Here is the initialized coding and designer I made:

The tools from the user interface that I use:
3 clocks (ShowTime, HideTime, GameTime); 5 different moles giving different scores when touching upon them, and their corresponding holes; labels to indicate the scores and remaining time.
Also the coding:

I'm just very confused of the 'swap_pic', 'show_one' and 'show_some' procedures. Can someone show me how to finish the procedures by looking at the instructions? Thank you so much for your attention!

The procedures that accept sprites as parameters need to use the generic (Any) Sprite blocks.
You can find them in a separate section of the Blocks pallette, after the component blocks.
Expand the [+] to see them.

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