Problems occur when building an imported project from the gallery.

After I brought the project that was open to the gallery, I proceeded with the build.

However, a compilation error occurs and stops as shown in the image below.


When I build the original project released in the gallery, it will be executed normally. However, after uploading a normal project to the gallery, if you take it and build it, an error will occur.

How can we solve this problem?

Show us the link, so we can try?

i'll show the link to the project

Not only this, but all the projects I've uploaded to the gallery are in trouble

That project stalls my Designer session when I try to switch to the Blocks view.
On my laptop, the project's export arrives as a .zip file, also unusual.
I renamed it to a .aia extension, so I could upload it here.
It seems to lack any blocks.
4572029513498624.aia (122.4 KB)

What are their symptoms?

Could you export .aia files for those projects and post them here?

The same phenomenon occurs for all projects registered in the gallery.

As you said, On my laptop, the project's export arrives as a .zip file.

Can you export those projects as .aia files?

I am sharing the file exported with the .aia
click_button.aia (122.3 KB)

also, i'll share the link that uploaded this file to the gallery

I was able to load that project to the Galllery at MIT App Inventor Gallery

P.S. The project built an .apk file just fine for me.

Comparing your corrupted project and mine, the earliest divergence I see is in the project names in the Gallery, in the transition between your language and English.

The English name for your project is click_button.
Your corrupted Gallery project's name was a mix of languages, ending in "?_project".

I am referring your problem project to @jis for review.

In the meantime, I recommend sharing exported .aia files outside the Gallery.

The damaged project name is "버튼을 클릭하면?_project".

In my opinion, when loading a project into a gallery, there seems to be a problem in the process of translating Korean into English.

I will also refer this to @Susan_Lane who worked on AI2 translation.

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