Problems downloading my aia

Hello all! i am done working on my project and am now in the testing phase. The project size is 38 mb so it wouldn't download the apk on the main server. I tried to download the aia so i can open it here and download the apk but no luck with that either. I tried on chrome and firefox and nothing happens. The download never starts. I have had no issues with downloading smaller projects before. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

the max projecxt size is 30 MB on the main server...
just delete some assets to reduce the total size and try again

@Taifun I am well aware the project max size is 30 mb. That is precisely why I mentioned trying to do one of the workarounds. It was suggested before in another thread to download the aia and then upload it in the link in my first post where the project max size is 50 mb ( as a matter of fact i was able to use that method with another one of my project which is 34 mb). My issue is that I can't even download the aia this time around.

yes, because it is too big... therefore

to export the project


@Taifun right on right on! Just a bit confusing since I was able to export the aia before on a 34 mb project.