Problemi con la Backpack

Hello everyone,
basically I'm going to copy from a project1, 411 blocks in the backpack. But when I open the project2 and I go to paste from the backpack, I find only 11 blocks :upside_down_face: Is it possible that there is some bug?

When you copy blocks to the backpack, every single block in the procedure or event is counted.

When you copy blocks from your backpack, then each procedure or event is one block.

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In this case, however, the only solution is to manually move each block.

Why? It should paste all the blocks you have in your backpack. What happens when you paste all these 19 blocks?

It pastes me only a part, unfortunately.

If the blocks in the backpack come from extensions, then they can only be used in another project if these extensions were also used (added) there.

@Anke you were right that if it didn't paste all the blocks from the Backpack, it was due to the fact that some blocks referred to an extension that was missing in the project. Finally I added the extension and it copied all 411 blocks for me; but it gives me a warning :thinking:

Did the problem occur after the project (companion) was reloaded?

@Anke All fixed, thank you

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Fine, then close the topic.

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