Problemas con generra android app - DX execution failed

cuando intento generar la aplicación para tenerla me sale este error

y no se por que y como solucionarlo

Unfortunately you do not show the error/reason, which is at the end....

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perdona no me di cuenta a qui tienes

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

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your error message is DX execution failed
the first thing you should do is a search in the community for DX execution failed

here is @SteveJG’s monster list of things to check

each point on the monster list might be the issue, why someone gets a DX execution failed error… that thread is a collection of several possibilities, which have been collected by SteveJG during the years while answering questions like that… hope that helps…


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muchas gracias ya lo entendi tengo mucha informacion metida en una sola pantalla