Problemas al entrar en

Hola. Desde hace dos dias no puedo entar en . No me deja logarme. Se queda la pantalla parada y no lanza la ventana de login.
Tengo Win10. Lo he probado con varios navegadores: Firefox y crome. También lo he probado desde android. El resultado es siempre elmismo.
Por favor. Alguien puede ayudarme.

This is the second post about connections from Spain this morning, could be a local (national) issue with internet in Spain ?

Perhaps your Broadband supplier can help - for example, the MIT address may have been blacklisted (by mistake).

A similar issue happens in Colombia
The problem in that case is the providers are blocking the App Inventor web site. You might follow the advice in those posts

There is another possibility - Windows WebClient Service has failed or is disabled. You or your IT Team may have done this to safeguard against the exploitation of a Windows bug that allows the Windows Adobe Type Manager Library to be accessed by an attacker who could then damage your system - for example, by encrypting your files. Affects all Windows OS.