Problema con grabador de sonido

Tengo un proyecto donde con un botón inicie una grabación de sonido
Cuando uso la opción de conectar con AI companion funciona perfectamente, guarda el sonido en la ruta correcta pero cuando genero el apk y lo instalo no funciona
¿alguien sabe alguna solución?

I have a project where with a button I start a sound recording
When I use the option to connect with AI companion it works perfectly, it saves the sound in the correct path but when I generate the apk and install it it doesn't work
does anyone know any solution?

what current path?


This works for me when I connect it by AI companion but when I generate it in apk it doesn't anymore

read this for some basic of storage:

Some basics on Android storage system - Tutorials and Guides - MIT App Inventor Community


This path works only on Android < 11 (and for the compiled app WRITE permission is required).
In order for it to work on all Android versions, you must use

  • one of the Shared folders or the
  • ASD.

See the guide @Kevinkun ointed out.

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