Problema al generar código QR o descargar el archivo APK a mi PC

Hola, Por favor me puede ayudar estoy intentando generar el código QR, descargar el archivo APK a mi PC, pero la barra de progreso se queda en 100% y no permite realizar ninguna de las dos opciones, que puedo hacer


Sorry you are having issues. Presently, the MIT App Inventor 2 server is very busy and s l o w. Builds have been slow all day. You might not get a complete compiling because of heavy usage of the server. Currently, my Projects build ok and return a QR code but it takes longer than normal,

What browser are you using? Please do not use Edge; it is not completely compatible with App Inventor 2. How large a file is you png background image. You might temporary delete the png from you Project, then try again to compile, especially if the image is large.

You might try compiling later or by using the alternative, That server usually is not as busy and is also an MIT App Inventor server. This server does not require an eMail but you must save your re-use code and load you existing Project aia (download your aia to your desktop and then install it on the alternative server.

Did you eventually get the Project to produce a QR code?

Muchas gracias, utilicé el servidor alterno y si me dejo generar el código QR y también descargar el archivo APK. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR SU APOYO

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