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I’m developing a app that post info at a online sql database, the problem is that the app don’t send anything, I’m sure the problem is in app inventor because when I get the link that the app generated and paste on my browser the url works fine and the data is posted.
I have other urls that use the sql server to upload and retrieve data. It’s not a problem of spaces, they are alredy %20.

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Hi Gabriel

It could simply be a URL that GET can’t handle or needs to handle in a different way.

How do you know GET is not sending? Do you have an Error Block in your code to capture error messages?

Try adding this to each of your entries - before each variable in the join


(Doing the url in a browser automatically takes care of this)

I don't have an error block. But I did the same thing with other scripts to send data using the same way, only difference it's that they have less variables to send.
The first attempts to run this I was having error 1109, I think that it was because I put the TinyDB calls directly into the URL, but I'm really not shure.

Aparently the problem is solved, IDK what was happening but I created a new screen and made the same thing that I did in the blocks of the first post, the data got uploaded to the server with no problem. Thanks to the guys that helped :slight_smile:

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