Problem with toggle camera with facemesh and posenet

Good day,

I have a problem changing the front camera to back camera using the extensions facemesh and posenet.

there are my blocks and designer:

Please help me, I dont know if I am doing something wrong or it is a bug.

When I press the button2 the camera is still in front camera and the image just rotate from right to left :confused:

The extension is not an integral part of the appinventor, ideally you should ask the extension developer for help. If, on the other hand, you are asking here, please provide us with a link to the topic describing the extension.

Hi the extenstions are created by mit app inventor team.. look

Yes, I can confirm that. The extension does not change the camera source while the app is running.

so we have to wait if mit answer?

You have to wait for the extension creator or someone who has used it and has knowledge of it to answer.

ok I will wait :smiley:

There is a fix in the queue that should address this issue for Posenet. It's not clear to me yet why it would not be working for Facemesh.

When I work with a companion, and change the camera options in the designer, the camera will switch properly. I think that's because changes to the designer reset the app. However, when I change the camera in blocks, the interface does not refresh, the camera remains the same, only a mirror image is made.
As an APK, the problem also occurs.

Jummm hard thing :confused: and when will you update posenet?

Are you encountering that behavior in both extensions?

Yes. I just checked out Posenet. The behavior is the same, it does not switch the camera, but does a mirror image. I also checked out a sample app, TophatMe. The same problem.

yes both have the same problem