Problem with timer loop,

I have reported this issue before, I have a timer htat is supposed tu run until the correct answer us received from the web, initially had two timers, one as a loop looking for the answer and a second one to ask if search should continue. I received the suggestion to replace the second one with a counter, which I did, still the timer loop did not work. Yesterday I made a trial and the timer loop worked correct, with no changes, this morning did not work, until later tonight did work correctly once, and again, with no changes in the code, stopped working,

Timer loops don't work in AI2.
Use Clock Timer events instead.

Web responses arrive in the Web .GotText event, and don't need to be polled.

there are the blocks I´m using, the timer evets you refer to is the timer loop i mentioned , and I´m using the GotText event, but I need to check on the web when the response is available, which is nor all the time, is it the same you are talking about?

There was a set od blocks missing on the prior image, this is the correct one

Your code has some collapsed sections I can't see, and I only can guess at non-English languages.

Given that, here are some observations ...

You have only one Web component, and you reuse it for at least 2 different web requests.

Your Web1.GotText event block only checks for one response content, and completely ignores anything else than what looks like an 'OK' response.
That denies you the chance to see any error messages from your web server.

I recommend adding ELSE branches to the if/then in your Web1.GotText to respond to error responseContent values and to respond to the secondary web requests you are overloading the Web1 component with.

Experiment with extra Web components for different requests/responses, to see if that will cover all your request/response pairs.

thanks, I had different web components before, I will try that again, if that improves the performance, but in this case, the timer event, once enabled, should go on and on unless there is somethin that dissables it, in this case, when the counter reaches 10 counts, or, there is the expected response from the web, in order to test these blocks, purposely, there is no response from the web, therefore the clock should continue triggering until the count of 10, but it stops after the first time it completes 6000, and the counter stops in 1. In this test, the web component is not taking part, am I correct in the test set up?

An as I stated before, yesterday this code worked correctly, and then stopped working, the same happened last week, with no changes in the code, did not performed as expected, the colck timer does not trigger after initially reaches the time interval (6000)

When something stops working, check for error messages.

Don't ignore them in your Web1.GotText event.

thanks, i will check on that

Is your App using only one Screen? If it uses more than one and you swap screens, you must disable all timers first to avoid memory corruption. Make sure the screen management is correct too, as it is easy to fill the allocated memory with more instances of the same screen if not opened/closed properly.

...also, given that the Clock Timers are low priority system timers, make sure there is nothing else running on your device (phone) that could fill the memory or also run system timers.

thanks, I will let you both know the next step and teh result