Problem with the storage address

Hi everyone, I was looking for a similar issue but couldnt find an asnswer that help me :frowning:

Im trying to finish an app that can overlay 2 images, I take it direct from my cel camera and the other one an image that I upload to the app. Im using an extension from Puravidas site that help me to overlay those 2 images.

The problem is when I create the APK file, the app send me an error saying that the 2nd image doesn find it o exist (the one that I upload)

Question, how should I write the url/root address at the ImageFileName2

Hope I can make my issue clear :slight_smile:



Try with one slash, not two (assumes your image is on the sdcard):

If you are trying to load files from assets, you cannot have folders in assets, this will not work with a compiled app, so you would access like this: