Problem with the game


I have a problem that I am creating my own application in App Inventor for drawing a number. The alert from the application should display how many points you won and what number was drawn, everything works except this: when the appropriate number is drawn, the points increase by 100 (that's what I would like), but the points in the notification increase the second time (by drawing) and if Once the winning number is drawn, the points simply keep adding up after the next draw. I am sharing the code below: I set two more variables to 0, i.e. nazwa and nazwa2.
Unfortunately, I switched the code from the Polish version, so the names of the components are in Polish.

If anyone can correct this error, I would like to ask for an answer and some attachments.


Increase by 100 or by 10?

And I'm sorry, but I'm not able to understand what the problem is. Can you explain it again? (maybe with an example)

I've edited this many times and I must have made a mistake.