Problem with the exit from the application

Hello from Greece. I have two screens. At screen 1 i have an "exit from the application" button. At screen 2 i have a "return to screen 1" button. When i press the exit button open me the screen 2 and don't exit the appliction.... Any idea about why this is happening? I have tried the tip with the notifier but nothing.... Thank you very much for your time!!!

Try Taifun's advice App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Manager Screen | Pura Vida Apps He explains how what you are trying should work and get the code to work. Reading it may help you.

Show please your blocks

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Try this test aia test_close_app.aia (3.1 KB) and see if it works for you

Thank you very much. i tried the notifier but it happend the same.

Thank you very much! I am trying it now!

Note that close app doesn't work with companion only with build app

It's working!!!! I suppose i have to put this procedure in every new screen I create! Thank you very much!!

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