Problem with "the developer option"?

I have a problem during installation indeed when the app is installed (cache emptied before each uninstall) with the developer option activated it works perfectly but when “the developer option” is deactivated certain functionality does not work anymore (see image, it is especially at the level of the lists that problem). It’s annoying because for a general public app people do not ecessarily have the developer option activated so how to solve the problem please?
Thank you for advance


Could you explain more what you mean by “the developer option” and what the expected and observed behavior are? I assume that by “the developer option” you mean having enabled developer settings on their phone.

thank you for your reply
if "developer option" is activated the list is ok but if "developer option" on my device is not activated the list is empty.
I do not know if it's clear ?

sorry, I do not understand...what is the developer option?
probably you can provide a screenshot about that option, so others can better understand...
also which list are you talking about? and what is the result you are expecting?


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