Problem with the Companion App Freezing and Crashing

My App worked just a few hours ago, now when I launch the companion as soon after the app launches it freezes and no button works anymore.

I even tested with old versions of my project that used to work and those don't work anymore as well.

I reinstalled the companion app and still crashing.

I even manually deleted the assets folders of the companion app but still crashing.

I restarted my phone

I restarted the esp32

I unpaired and deactivated bluetooth and it still crashes

Anyone has any idea what the problem is?

Here is the project:

DFPS_APP_EN_ABG.aia (21.5 KB)

Here is my code:

0bin - encrypted pastebin

The app crashes before doing anything and no button works when pressed.

One of the old projects works, thanks God. I do not know what the problem is with the other but I will use this one. Thank you guys.

Hello Melody - hold your horses! :horse:

You will probably take the old project and walk into the same issue again - so let's try to find out the cause of the issue. You can narrow it down by comparing the project that works with the project that crashes - what has been added to the crashing project? More often than not, it's a rogue image or icon. Does that fit within your comparison?

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You are so kind for actually caring about my project. My dear, at the moment I am working with the current version which worked, I will make sure to let you know if I come back to the old version but I believe I uploaded some images before the crashes started to happen.

Again, thank you so much for trying to help me I can't tell how much I apreciate the intention.

Much love my dear!