Problem with text types

Hello, I've been having problems with the text types.
In this case, I have information coming via a web address and I want to classify it. The problem is that I can't make a comparison between the received information and the local info.

This is the main block that causes that error.

If anyone can give me some help, I would be really grateful.

What are you receiving in responseContent? Which error do you have?

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I recieve a string that consists of two parts. The first is a confimation that the conections is succesfull and the second one is a voltage of a batterie.

Hey sorry if I didn't understand what you were asking. Here I post a copy of the project.
The data recieved in the Get response content is "Con@00. I want to first split the text in to two parts and then analyze those two. I'm having problems with the analizing part of it. When I try to copare the split text with an X string, it just doesent compare anything.

Sorry for the messy project
DR0N.aia (1.3 MB)

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Can you share what are you receiving in the responseContent, with a label and using the "Do it" like is explained in the link I shared?

Anyway you are comparing with string "Conect" and the string you say you are receiving is not the same, in the part before "@".

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I think you misspelled your logic block. Please check it again.

Thanks to all of you, yes it was a dumb misspled thing.

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