Problem with TaifunFile Copy

I have a problem with TaifunFile copy.
I have two files: and
The copy function works fine with, but not with, although they are exactly the same except for the name. With I have a message "Sorry, file to copy does not exist.
You have an idea ?
Thank you in advance.


Show the blocks for the second file:

Note: The .unzip block should be placed in the TaifunFile.Copied event.

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@philaero is using global variable to set file name so this can be issue

only if you use the CopyAsync method, which means, the blocks are correct like this

the blocks look fine for


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Ok, but I think he should use the async method, because the zip file might be to big, so that the unzip command cannot be executed (because copying of the zip file has not yet been completed).

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It's the same blocks I use just changing the filename. I repeat that the two files are strictly identical. Only the name changes

you are using variables for the filenames, so the question is, how and when do you change the value of these variables? are you using the the AfterUnzip event for that?
probably not, so you change the names before the process for the first file has been finished...
to provide a screenshot of all relevant blocks would help...

@philaero how many MB do the zip files have? as these files are stored in the assets, most probably not larger than 10 MB, so using the synchronous Copy method shoule be fine...


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Hello again. I found: you don't need a number in the name of the zip file. I just renamed to and it works!?!
Thanks to you, although several answers had nothing to do with my problem.
I join you the .aia.
test_copie_et_unzip.aia (3.4 MB)

This is of course nonsense and would confuse many if I did not make this explicitly clear.
What the name is doesn't matter at all.


This is also wrong. The answers were directly related to the problem.

Check this: copyZipFile.aia (3.9 MB)


Uh ... now we have to explain it to me. I opened the aia file that you kindly sent me. I got a response to false.
I am using the French version of AppInventor.
After some thought I switched to the English version. And there I got the answer to true!?!
I switched back to the French version and now also have the answer true.
Would there be a bug in AppInventor?

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No, you will most likely be the only one who has this problem (which actually doesn't exist).

Anke. If I opened this topic it is because I had this problem, otherwise I would not have done it. By saying "this problem does not exist" you call me a liar .........
I've been using App Inventor for more than three years and so far I've never had a problem ......

Try this APK:

Click on button1 and post a screenshot of your device.

It should look like this:




Since I did not receive a response, I assume that there were no problems with my test APK. I will therefore remove the "Solution" mark so that other users will not be confused. Because it is not a solution.