Problem with sizing Marker Image

Hi there,

I’ve got some issues while trying to change Marker Image size.

When I am programming on the MIT website, I see it the size I would like to see it (as you can see in the image above). But when I export it to apk, in the mobile I can see a lot bigger, and although I do it smaller, I still see the same size.

Anyone knows how to solve it?
The thing is that I want a marker which plots the location sensor position. Like the showuser option but that refreshes every second.
Thanks in advance!

You didn't share your code so you get a generic answer.

Why isn't your position refreshing every second?

  • the LocationChanged block is not refreshing every second for any number of reasons.
  • Probably because it takes the GPS receiver at least 20 seconds on average to achieve a new satellite fix.
  • the Location is not changing
  • the GPS is in the shadow of buildings and it is impossible to find sufficient satellites to achieve a satellite fix
  • the OSM tile server might be incapable of refreshing that fast or the sever is being used by many users and is busy. If an app uses too many calls to the server in a short period of time, it has been known OSM will terminate temporarily the service for excessive usage.
  • the Map component has its own, built-in Locationsensor code. If the component is used stand-alone, it attempts to refresh automatically once every 60 seconds. If the a LocationSensor component is used in tandem with the Map component, a developer can refresh more frequently (20000 ms is a reasonable value). How did you code your app?
  • the List goes on... have your read and done the two tutorials Using the Location Sensor ? The article explains what is possible using the LocationSensor. There are limits as to what is possible with both the LocationSensor and the device gps receiver hardware.

We don't know how you are trying to do change the Marker size Arnau. Why don't you share some code.

Some possible reasons you have difficulty with your custom marker:

  • you use a png or jpg image for your Marker. Only svg images are supposed to be self scaling. I don't believe MIT shared that gem in the documentation.
  • how or when you manipulate the image size causes issues
  • the actual size of the image you use to display the user's location may be large compared to the size you try to display it. If the app must perform large, frequent scale changes, it can cause display issues.
  • have you read Marker ?

If you would like specific advice, post your Project aia and/or a small example showing what is not working and how you tried to get it work. If you think this is a bug, please provide an example for the developers to test. My experience is Marker works fine.


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Thank you very much for the reply.

I didn’t realize that I can use SVG images, i was trying to do it with PNG and that’s why i got the error.
I fixed it using a SVG image, thanks!

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