Problem with sending sms using google spreadsheet data

Hello All,
I am storing phone numbers in google sheet which is public, I am using the data from the sheet as phone numbers and using it to send direct sms. Here are my blocks

But I get a Runtime Error - Invalid destinationAddress. But if I replace the superviorNumbers variable directly with mobile number like this -
Variable block
, it works without issue. Can you tell me what wrong I am doing in google spreadsheet integration?

Thank you

a guess is the Text blocks do not contain valid numbers when you do this.

When you open your app you probably set all these values to 0 or nul or some alpha characters inadvertently. Have you run DoIt and checked the value of these?

Setting a global like this is dangerous if you do not previously set values for A1..E2.

Hey Steve, I am not sure on how to run DoIt, but I did make these labels visible, and they are correctly loading the mobile numbers from the google sheet. Do you think make a list adds some special characters?


No but I do believe your Clock1.Timer code is possibly creating a timing issue. Try sending just ONE sms using the first number and not using the Clock.

Steve, I directly attached one label text(which pulled phone number from google sheet) to set sms phone number and I tried it out. It did send sms.

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