Problem with save INT value from FIREBASE

Hi i have a problem, when Im trying to save a int value, but the blocks only allow me to save as text String, for example if i want to save 300 the app save "/300"/. Help me please


Hi, can you show block in English? Thanks.
Anyway which is the problem about 300 saved in that way ? Is the format used by firebase .
You can try to force taxtbox with number only and see if the format changes.
The control comparar textos wil give you always the same result because checks a static value (a fixed text ) and not a variable , probably you want to check the value inside the tag gramos ? Or the textbox value ?

If you are only using Firebase Realtime Database with your AppInventor app, then this should not be a problem. AppInventor stores integers to Firebase in the format you show, but it then returns them as an integer, AppInventor also translates "string" numbers to numbers automatically.

If you are using your Firebase project to provide data for other activities/programs, then you will need to use the Web Component to store data in Firebase, this will then allow you store store integers as integers on Firebase.