Problem with publishing on Play Store

Hi, I have a problem with the Play Store.
When I go to upload an update, the .aab file gives me this message:

Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Make sure you sign it with the correct signing key and try again. Your App Bundle should be signed with the fingerprinted certificate
SHA1: 2A: 9D: 4C: 4E: CD: 35: 5E: 2A: 46: 46: A3: 26: F8: E7: FB: 84: B4: C7: 60: F6
, but the certificate used to sign the loaded App Bundle has the fingerprint
SHA1: B3: 71: 99: D1: 65: 61: 97: AB: 23: 61: AD: B7: C9: 27: AD: 16: 94: 89: 08: 4D

But the file I'm going to upload is the one that app inventor 2 gives me and it always worked ...
Can you give me some advice?

Perhaps this discusion will help Signatures for App Bundles

Thanks SteveJG

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