Problem with print button on webviewer

I just relized that I have problem in my app with webviever.
I put a html site with webviewer wich have print button:

<button onclick="window.print()">Print</button>

When I load the site in Chrome print button is working fine (on phone offcorse) but in app clicking on the print button do nothing... Do any one know solution of that?

Hello Łukasz

The print button prints (captures) the web page it is on. If you do this with javascript, you can send the javascript command to the page via the App. Can you tell us though, why you need to do this with your own website? Where does the 'print' go? I'm pretty sure you are not going to be carrying a desktop printer around with your phone :grin:

You should try:

Yes, I think Sunny's extension may well fit your requirement, worth a try.

My notes about using a javascript command are wrong, sorry. Javascript can't print the screen.

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Thank you all @ChrisWard & @vknow360 . I need to have print button to archive database on the paper (I know it's weird, but entries are stored in chronicle) and no, I don't carry my printer wherever I go. :rofl: It's just the way to faster printing. :sunglasses: It's my convenience.

With Sunny's extension I should to make a print button in app, not in the site? Right?

Well actually, sounds like a Screenshot extension could be

Ah no, it should allow you to tap a print button on the web page. If the page has no external dependencies like images, you may be able to just download the whole page with the Web Get function. You could then simply store the page as HTML and view at any time with a Web Viewer in the App.

Some WiFi based printers like my Epson tank have web capability, where you can send an email to them to be printed.

If you have such a printer, look for AI2 email tricks here.

No, it will let you print or save document as PDF.

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