Problem with previewing images or deleting them

I uploaded lot of images, and now when i want to preview or delete one in media in the design screen, and i select it, it moves the screen upwards, dont let me preview or delete, dont show me those options, just the cursor goes up. i want to delete images i mistaked cause if not the app is going to occupy lot of space.
help me please

Post a screenshot of this issue.

How far have got coding your App?

If not far, just delete the Project and start again. or if not many components are used, you could copy your Blocks to the Backpack, start a new Project and paste the Blocks from the Backpack.

Another option would be to delete the first image in the list, required or not, and continue to delete from the top of the list until it is back under your control.

i cant do that the game is already very advanced. and delete the images dont change the media images. my images are fine. is the media images i want to delete cause i think they occupy space.

What is the distinction between images and media images? We do not know how your App is built Dhun1, our crystal balls do not work on days ending in ‘y’.

Is it possible that the images have not been optimised for Android? See my guide here: