Problem with 'OtherScreenClosed' process in ai2

If Screen2 has closed, Screen1.OtherScreenClosed process run well.

But in the same case in ai2 Screen1.Initialize will run again, not Screen1.OtherScreenClosed.

So what is your goal?
And can you show us all of your blocks

Helpful links :

How to close screen2 and initialize screen1 - #2 by Anke

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App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Manager Screen | Pura Vida Apps

The result in the builded app:


The result in ai2:


It seems to be a bug.

Try to do something like this :


The result is the same (of course). It is a bug in ai2.

What is your android version?

How are you testing?

  • built, or
  • Companion ?

Both. The results are different. You can see it above.
It doesn't depend on Android version and browser.
Could you please try these three blocks?