Problem with notifier in IOS

I am designing my first app and I have added notifiers in all the screens. In Screen1 everything works fine but when changing the screen the notifier doesn´t appear. The notifier from all the screens appears in the screen1 (I checked by changing screens quickly).
Any ideas of what the problem might be?

In my app runs well all the notifier blocks. And I have 4 screens (in all the screens the notifier block runs well).

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Hello Nerea,

maybe if you post your relevant blocks someone can help you.

Here is the screen1:

And here the screen that dont show the notifier:

There are probably many errors (just my first project :grimacing:)

Kaixo Nerea,

I cannot help you, because I have not any IOS device, but if you post your blocks in English, for sure more people would be able to help you.

Could you post the aia file?

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Sure, I havent had the time to translate it to english yet, but i hope you can help me. Thanks a lot.
MAL.aia (56.3 KB)

You have right. In your app the ShowAlert not runs in the Screen2. Tested in the iOS Builder Server. I don't test in the Android Server.
In the iOS Companion only is running well the ShowMessage, the AlertMessage is not running.
I changet your AIA to facilitate the test for the MIT technicians: @ewpatton
MAL_2.aia (56.5 KB)