Problem with music on loop

I´m creating an app with sounds that plays in loop, but everytime te loop ends and start againt, there is a little "pop" or silence before the sound starts again...
I already checked the wav files, and these are fine.
Can anyone tell me how it can be solved?

No, even if you use WAV or OGG audio format there is always a small gap. To play a sound seamlessly you must use an extension. Try the TaifunPlayer extension, that was built exactly for this purpose.

... and you must use OGG audio format which is the only compressed audio format that does not create gaps. Otherwise you can also use not compressed WAV audio files.

Btw, the same problem occurs with iOS. A special audio format must be used there.

See also e.g. here in the old AI2 forum:

Thanks for all! you`re amazing :grin:

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