problem with mobile viewing

Good afternoon, I'm Fulvio, and I created my business app through MIT app inventor. I downloaded the apk file to my phone to try it out and I notice that it is not very suitable for mobile viewing. In particular, the photos of the articles are too large and one at a time is displayed on the mobile phone. Is there anything I need to activate to resolve this situation? Thank you

Can you export your AIA file to here so that we can take a look?


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there is a al companion for testing our apps before building it. it is installed in mobile and connected to system. you can see the design there too. while your connected, change the design until it looks good on companion and then build the .apk file

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The interface viewed on AI companion = the interface viewed in APKs (however the speed/functions of AI companion ≠ APKs), and the OP said that

The user in this post above says that the designer is not loading properly as intended, and @Tanker87 said that the APK is not loading properly. This can all prove one thing - the Designer is sometimes misleading.


I have export .aia on my pc, here the file
Libri_del_bardo.aia (171.8 KB)

Works fine for me - I had to add https:// at the front of your url, though.

Webviewer will only handle http/https/file/datauris

For you it's ok the viewing?
Is not difficult?

Yes, as I said above, and showed with the image