Problem with Hebrew text to add/update google sheets

I am trying to update the google sheet with Hebrew text but only English text or numbers update the sheets.

Show blocks responsible for sending text.
See also here:

Use the uriEncode block

I saw your reaction to the Arabic language, but did not understand how?

uriEncode not uriDecode.

Also, you appear to have apostrophes after your equal signs =', remove these.

The apostrophes are not a problem, it is moved to the sheet with the given aligns the text to the left. The app works properly in the English language. The only problem is to transfer Hebrew text

Thank you very much, you found the solution. attached.

As you saw when opening the link placed above, I also had such a problem. The PostText block is not polished and in my opinion encodeUri should already be built into it. Adding this block is not intuitive because most novice programmers do not even know what it is for. Oddly, when typing in a URL, you don't need encodeUri. The main thing is that it works.

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