Problem with dynamic components apk and working

Hi every one! i have created a school app with dynamic components. 99% of components were created using dynamic components. i am facing following two issues

  1. unable to publish in the gallery
  2. built apk of the app and tried to run on mobile and emulators. it is giving following error

or app is closing automatically

please help me to resolve it

You cannot publish apps with extensions on the App Inventor Gallery.

As for the error itself, it seems very weird. I've never gotten this at all while working with apps that contain the extension. Could you export and import your project's .aia file?

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Thank you for response. Please find my file
AARMApp_Dynamic_Compoents_V5_formsubmissionDirect_copy.aia (492.8 KB) .

No problem to open your app (Companion & APK) on one of my test devices (Android 11).
(No error message or closing.)

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Which device and Android version?

Thank you for response. my device is Infinix HOT 8 and Android version is 9. App is opening but closing when we try to click on listViews and buttons.

App is working fine with companion but giving problems when we run the app after installation.Please help me.

I also have similar problem. I can add dynamic components no problem but when I click on ListView, the app exits. other components behave correctly. Everything works fine in companion but standalone app crashes.

Any help appreciated

friend did you find any solution. if so please forward it

To find out more about the runtime error use logcat