Problem with duration time - start / end

I would beg for help. I use two timers, the first time the voter is the start time, the second time the voter is the end time. For example, I want the relay to turn on at 10:00 and turn off at 10:30. I don't know where the mistake is.


Tell us more about the Blynk API you are calling.

What is in each part of that URL?


I have this from a program related to relay control. As I said before I would like to make an application to control the switching on of the relay / lighting so that I can set the relay to turn ON at 22:00 and turn OFF at 22:30. I was looking for such a solution or something similar but I couldn’t find it.


Ask on the Blynk forum how the url should look like to do this. Then properly format the url.

Thanks for the reply I will immediately get to work. When I solve the problem I will publish the solution so that others have information related to the On / OFF relay at the set time

My app works in blynk perfectly but I don't want to use the blynk app for a lot of reasons but I want to use an app made in the app inventor and I only have two problems in the app inventory:

  1. setting time for ON/OFF relay.
  2. And why does the cursor blink after entering the text I use to enter the relay name Interface TextBox?

We'd help, but we don't know anything about Blynk. We don't know the blynk API and we don't know what to send to Blynk to turn the relay on or off. If you tell us what you need to send to blynk, I will tell you how to do it in blocks.

There is a hard job to be done here, and I hope you can ask the Blynk API to do it for you, and not have to ask your phone to do it for you.

The hard job is waiting around and watching the time of day, to do something at a pre-set time.

Does Blynk have a way to remind itself to talk to your device at a preset time?

Thank you for your willingness to help. I hope to solve the problem during the day because I love and want to fully learn the list of apps. here is the link and you can see what the blynk app is. I hope you are satisfied with my answer.

p.s. Blynk is very easy to use but has some drawbacks.

A little thinking a little combinatorics and I hope to solve that problem.