Problem with dictionary of (list of lists)

Hi all,
I've created a list of lists and stored it inside a dictionary.

The dictionary stores the list of lists created in the image above as a dictionary {1:10 , 3:4, 5:6, 7:8} (this is the result that print the second alert) and sadly I can't understand why.
How can I store a list of lists in a dictionary and then retrieve the same list of lists?

Also converting the list of lists in dictionary and then converting again from dictionary to list of pairs doesn't resolve the problem


You are correct that for some reason when the list of lists is passed via the constructor block it is incorrectly coerced to a dictionary. If you use the set value for key in dictionary to block you get the expected behavior where the list is stored in the dictionary unmodified. That may be a workaround until we can put out a patch to fix the make a dictionary.

Edit: I've filed this as an issue for us to investigate further.

Thanks, I've used your workaround and it worked very well!

You tried this block?

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