Problem with DB data handle

Hi, I'm trying to make for my project some data to be saved into the cloud and then being able to be loaded since it should handle multiple users with data and they should be able to interact between them with that data. But when trying to do my first attempt, it straight up crashes when loading my second screen. I'm not used to this kind of databases since I come from codding in SQL, ¿is there any extension that allows me to make queries for SQL based Databases? I find it too junky to use the TinyWeb or the CloudDB. Specialy when I cannot just call the database for a tag and place it directly into a variable no, I have to make an entire function inside a "when db called" to sort it out... :confused:

The app is simple, you start with a screen, you select the player, you then put a DisplayName so other players recognise you. And then you go to second screen. In second screen you load up your data previously mentioned and here is where it crashes.

Unfortunately, most data bases need time to look up data and send it back to you.

That's why they come with event blocks to present you with the results.

TinyDB is the exception to the rule, because it's right there in the app, and is, well, tiny.

Your TinyWebDB setup might be a problem.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Setup and use an online mysql database.....

monopoly_app.aia (4.8 KB)

I mean, saying "just setup a mysql database" doesnt really help. I'm used to do sql queries, I dont see how I can make any kind of query on this block-code. I come from using python and php because it was easier for me to design a mobile app using this rather than using python. Maybe I could do a php web and it would be easier, but I was hyped about being able to have an installable app.


I peeked inside your app, and saw TinyWebDB in 2 screens.
It had different URLS:

That second screen's TinyWebDB URL looks crashworthy.

This block is problematic.

It opens another screen before one of the blocks in this event has been guaranteed to complete.

Here is a safer way to do it:

I corrected the URL and the timing issue, and did not get a crash:
monopoly_app1.aia (4.8 KB)

( can't read French, so I don't know what I was testing.)

Thanks, I'm going to have a look and I'm proceeding into watching online tutorials so I can get a bit better with proper block building.
I appreciate your help

(Its mostly catalan and some spanish, catalan similar to French since they came from the Romance)