Problem with checkbox and Google spreadsheet

hi how are things.
I have a problem with an application that I am making, I made a checklist in a Google spreadsheet, I can complete this from my application that I built in app inventor, it is functional but I am missing only one thing, which is that when I activate The checkbox is verify a single field. Let me explain, I have three boxes and when I check all three it marks me with the uncheck it but in my spreadsheet it doesn't. I hope you can help me with this. I leave reference images of the specific blocks for the boxes.

Please show the full URL you are using for web.get, and your apps script

I was able to solve it, I created another script with the delete cell action and added it to the chain code for the 3 boxes I needed.

Since I am a beginner in this programming, I don't know if the code will be right.

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