Problem with Back button

I am facing problem with back button. Entire app getting closed on pressing the back button.

Moreover, don't know how to insert WhatsApp Button to my app as it doesn't ask to insert any link.

One more bigger issue I'm facing is the WhatsApp & Zoom's link embedded in my website aren't working here in App. Shows Webpage not Available message.

Show your blocks

See here-

Looks like you are using a web viewer. See this :point_up_2:

Please show your block.

It's in phone. On web browser it is all okay. But in app when we press back button, the app get closed instead of taking one step back. I want to add exit confirmation message in it. how can I add? please suggest

Use the whenScreen.BackPressed block to run a code when the back button is pressed, doing so will replace the default back button behaviour with your code, the event handler can be found in the screen component.

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