Problem with audio

Hello, we are making an app for our project and when we try the app using ai companion all audios are working, however, when we download the apk and start using it there are four audios that is not working.

here is the block of those specific audios that ain't working

and here is the audio's blocks that is working.

image is low resolution.
Please download the block image again and upload with NO compression.

1 Like particular, right click the blocks you want to download and select Download Blocks as Image.

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Dear @Pagbati_App, why #8 SpeechRecognizers ?
It should be enough 1, and then you can select the action to perform in function of what it has been "recognized". Please note that the first 4 are working, while the last 4 (from 5 to 8) are all not working. Probably is somewhat related ?

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