Problem with app loading webviewer

samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

What exactly is displayed? Post a screenshot.

from my cell phone

from another one that works


sorry , this work fine

David, is it already working? can you share with us what have you done to fix it?

no ramon,
the one that works is from a mobile phone of a colleague, it is the second video, the first one is from mine that does not load the txt file, in webviewer

It should work. It also works on Android 14. Try with CustomWebView:

or do a factory reset on your device.

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I have to change all the webviewers to the extension you indicate, right?

Create a new app without table arrangements with just a button and a WebViewer component and then check whether the WebViewer generally works on your device or whether only certain methods do not work.

very good idea, tested and does not work
I try it with the extension that you have told me or it is not necessary?
What would be the block that I have to use ?

Try this

If that also doesn't work, there must be a problem with your device. And then it would be really interesting if it works with the CustomWebView extension.

work fine, loads all the pages I have tried


only have problem with .txt if if I try with .bmp .png extension it opens them without any problem.....
any idea ?

The webviewer is not a textfile reader
Try it with html format and the .html extension


Post url here. It would be really helpful.

It will read and display .txt files (not .csv files though, unless you rename then to .txt)



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As I commented to your colleague, it worked fine until last Friday when it stopped working....
we read the files from sharepoint

I have new tests done
I have tested the app with different devices and different versions of Android
does not work with Android 13 ( on my phone since last Friday ) Android 12 Android 10
only works with Android 14
can you think of any solution ?

finalmente lo he solucionado sin el componente webviewer, lo he tenido que hacer con un copiar - pegar con texto plano

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