Problem with app icon and instalation

Hi, i have this problem with my icon that i want to set to screen1,
everytime i do so, i upload it set it and than i build an apk and on my phone (with android 10) it says that error while analysing package BUT when i remove my icon, its completely normal and good but with the honeycomb icon.
ic_launcher ic_launcher
I have tried both of these sizes (48x48 and 96x96) and it didnt work (even the 512x512 had the same problem)
Thank you for any help i was searching on this forum but i didnt fint any same problem. If you want some files or such i can provide anything.

Dear @Stekra_Edit,
it's really "strange". Have you tried with another file ?
For example the annexed file is a .png 600*600 ; 300 ppi and I use it as an icon for an app of mines.
You could try it and verify if it works also for you. I've created the .png file with Gimp.
(To download it, click on the image with the right button, then select download as image .png)
Hoping it can help.
Cheers, Ugo.

Yes with this png file it works BUT WHY NOT WITH MINE ??? :smiley:
im getting kinda mad cos i have spent hours trying to find out the problem...
So what should i do now?
thanks, Stekra

Hi, can you post your icon ?. I will try to open it with Gimp.


Download first image, 512x512, set it as icon, app compiles fine for me

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This one (resized 600*600 300ppi with Gimp) works, for me.
Please download and try it again.
Ciao, Ugo.

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Hi i tried again both 512x512 and this 600x600 and now i got different problem and its that "App cannot be installed" message....

Upload your aia here if you wish so someone can check it

BLAPPOTTO.aia (312.9 KB)

here is my project,
again thanks for any help.

I found the problem... Well i didn't but i know it's with my phone cos when i install the app on different phone it works perfectly i will try to find solution,
Thanks for help guys,

Hi @Stekra_Edit,
when you'll find the "final" solution, please be so kind to post it here, so if someone else will fight the same problem, he/she could take advantage of this thread.
Have a great (and healthy :v:) year.


the icon file is stored under "asset" directory. Perhaps your phone has write restrictions ? Check also the Android version. There are several posts written by @Anke, explaining in detail how it works.
Good luck !

Try this:

Not very likely Stekra!
see my site:

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