Problem when I try to put the application on my phone

I’m trying to put the application I made on my phone. I’m using the wifi to do that. But after scanning the QR code the progress bar stop at 20% and never go further. I really need to test it on my phone and I’ve already try to use a USB cable and it’s not working.
What can I do to make it work?

I suspect this is an issue of the main server being very busy. The same thing happened to me
a few days ago. I can run the same Project at the moment with no issues.

You might

  • restart your browser and try again
  • make sure you are using Firefox or Chrome (Edge has issues with AI2).
  • make an aia of your Project and load it to the alternative server at and attempt to compile the apk there.

Do any of these help Mae?


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It works when I use google chrome!
Thank you so much!

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