PROBLEM when exec the IPA (ad Hoc) in Iphone - total diferent as Companion

@ewpatton I had tested the aia in my iPhoneX v iOS 16.7.2 with the Companion 2.64.4 (10) and the result es all good and all runs well in the Companion (only, not tested change betwwen screens):

Bud I had installed the same aia with a built .IPA file in muy Iphone (ad Hoc) and thh result is full diferent (has a initial mistake about JASON -in my project I have not use the option of ShowListAsJason)) and old the initial screen is full wrong. Is complet diferrent that the exec by Companion.

Can you help about it?
The Companion exec is good bud the same aia with IPA (AD Hoc) is full wrong.

On the other way, I want to buid a package for the AppleStore bud I recieve this building mistake:

I don't understand what I do wrong. Please, anybody can help me?

The "fsg" code is my prefix-cod mail adresse on may Apple account. And the code "NOMIS_CPv_1_4" is teh name of may app.

Post the aia or send it to me via PM.

Hmm. At least part of the problem is that iOS app IDs don't allow for underscores (I think), which is why the second part of the ID uses a hyphen instead. Try loading a version of your project with a name that doesn't include underscores and see if there continues to be an issue.

I have the same result. I chnaged all (the iOS profile and Id without underscores). And I have a mistake when I built a package for the AppStore (not for IPA file Ad Hoc):

I will look into it on our end. Regarding the differences with the companion, there are some known issues on our end as reported by @Anke, but I also want to point out that the build server tends to trail the version on TestFlight since I always don't have time to update it.

Ok. Thanks.
I built the compilations in the server: Is the better?

The aia is the same and I have restored all certificates and profiles without "" and without "-" (Prevent: Ai2 accept "", not "-" and Apple accept "-", not "_") in all data:

I had well the .apk, .ipa, and .abb .
But I had this compilation mistake over an app record for a Upload App Store process.
Attention: As you can know the .ipa Ad Hoc not runs well (it runs well in the iOS Companion but not as a normal App in the iPhone).
Of you need more data, no hesitate to ask me.

When I open your app with Companion, I first see a white, blank screen for 30 seconds or longer. The same applies to other screens. In addition, when I switch the screens manually, a number of error messages appear:

Btw, I don't remember ever seeing a functional Android (let alone iOS) app on AI2 that (like yours) has more than 20000 ( :exclamation:) blocks.

(I also received some error messages on Android - Companion on an Android 13 test device). But your app is in Spanish and I won't be able to take a closer look there.

Hello @Anke in my IphoneX 16.7.2 with the Ai2 betatest iOS server and with iOS Companion (+10) I have not errors. All is running well (of course I can not test de interchange between diferent screens -I only test screen by screen)

In Android all the App is running well (included a 4th Screen for Administration Parameters). You can download it of the Play Store for test with the user=12345.

In iOS I only need 3 screens and they are running well with iOS Companion (+10) (of course, with wararounds for the layouts and others). Bud I have problems to generate the .IPA file and the Package for Apple Store.

The app os only for spanisch people and for a local team work. It is a full app to manage time-work (for this reason has a lot of blocks).

Your have detected mistakes because I close one screen when I open other screen with parameters and it do a mistake with the AI2 Companion. If you test screen by screnn you don't have mistakes in iOS Companion. For this reason I need the IPA file to test the inter-change screens processes.

Please, when you can upgrade the iOS build server as iOS Companion (11) I would appreciate to report us is . I wait this topic to can test the new generation of IPA files in the right position because the current level of it is very different of the iOS Companion (11)..

@ewpatton just to know how the version codes of the AI2 compilers work, it could tell us how they can be interpreted by us in order to test the apps. .
Are they related to each other or are they independent platforms?
Thank you

In the Android AI2 Companion the version code is right as the before image, but in the iOS version we have other versiosn code (see you in this image). I don't understand this topic.


I think this is a convincing proof and should be a reason for pride because it shows that AI2 is a very powerful tool for the development of Android Apps (proven) and iOS in the process of being demonstrated.

Well, I always have my doubts as to whether more than 15 or even 20,000 blocks are actually absolutely necessary. However, without having studied your app in more detail, I would bet that the number of blocks can be reduced significantly.

Over the years, I've almost always only seen problems when a lot of blocks are used (especially on a single screen) - and actually with all AI2 distros.

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Of course, it is always possible to improve any program code as you say. I have tried to respect the Jackson rules of structured programming, I have applied to the maximum the theme of putting Routines to reduce the coding blocks to the maximum and I have NEVER repeated blocks of code and I have structurally documented all the flows of the block sentences so that Maintenance by anyone is quite easy.

By default I have removed any extension to have compatibility of the same aia with iOS.

The app covers all the functions of a certain process (in this case, time control of workers).

Although the app is large on Android, its use is instantaneous (it can only take 1 or 2 seconds to access the web without wifi to the BBDD processes of the server in the back office - but this is not the fault of the app).
In every screen I have not passed them. 9,000 blocks because it doesn't let the aia compile.

In my case I can certify that you can develop a complete app with a lot of functionality using AI2 for Android (and from what I've tested I think I can also certify it for iOS when I manage to generate its 'packages'). For iOS I had to apply "shortcuts" in the theme of responsive screens and in the use of "height automatic layouts", in the rest of the blocks the same aia for Android and for iOS is completely compatible.

By the way, it should also be noted that the apk only occupies 4.5 MB even though the aia has 20,000 blocks.

For the test server, the version number includes the underlying companion version number that the backend corresponds to (in your screenshot 2.64.3). The final number in the version tuple is the incremental build number of that particular feature (i.e., this was the 3rd release of the buildserver built on 2.64.3).

@ewpatton how is the current version of the build server for iOS TestFlight? Is the same that we have for the Companion test on the Server iOS Test?