Problem when connecting to the smartphone

Hello, I have a problem when connecting to my smartphone with the new App Inventor for IOS application, when I scan the QR code of my project, the progress bar of the PC remains blocked at 83% or the QR code window this closes and no progress bar is displayed but an error message is displayed (Compagnon Connection Error: See Connection help)

I checked if I was well connected to the internet on my phone and on the PC and everything is OK

Can you help me ?

Maxime R

??? or your iPhone ?

Can you tell something about your project. Are you using large assets?

Your phone and computer need to be connected to the same Wifi network on iOS currently. If you're trying to use App Inventor over the cell network, or if you're tethering your device to your phone, it won't work at this time. More robust connectivity will be coming a future release.

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