Problem when build the app

I’m very tired with this problem. I don’t know that bug mean and don’t know how to fix it. Please help me.
Thank you

Do you use an IF THEN ELSE block in your code that might cause the error? Please provide an image of your blocks so someone can help you


As @dora_paz said, look for an if-then-else block in Screen1 that might cause this error:

or post the blocks of Screen1:
right mouse click

  1. Clean up Blocks
  2. Download Blocks as Image
  3. post this image

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I have too much blocks in screen 1. I’m not sure you can see it easily

Just give it a try.

Sadly, i can’t download blocks as Image. I have done anything you said but still not working

how many blocks do you have in that screen?
do a right mouse click onto the working area of the blocks editor to see it here

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About 5851 blocks in screen 1

Yes, it is not possible to save so many blocks as an image (checked). You have to debug your if-then-else blocks (connect to Companion, right mouse click: Do it !)