Problem when build the App for the Apple AppStore

I have this message to build the App for the AppStore Apple:

Before I had create the ios App Info in the App Store with the Bundle-ID of the App:

And before I had create the App Specific password and put this in the Settings Ai2-iOS whith my iOS-user.

Can anybody help me with this issue?

How about giving us an English version of it?

Try to remove spaces from the Bundle ID


This was my fault. When I moved the buildserver to the new machine I forgot to install the iTMSTransporter tool. I have done that and the problem should be resolved.

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Ok. Thanks. I will try and report about it.


In this copy image:

I think the first step 'NOMIS-CP' is the App-ID

And the second step is the Bundle-ID.

Now I receive a new meesage error about the VersionName or ShortVersion App Code:

I have these code in the Project for the versions data:

These codes are run well in Google. But when I want to generate a iOS-Build I receive this message error about the Short Version Code:

It seems the builder take the VersionName as VersionCode. Is it right?
Must I change the data in the Publishing data of the AI2-iOS Builder?

I have had success to upload the build package into the Apple Store writining the Code Version on the Name Version and nothing texts in the Description Settings of the App.

What will happen with these incidences????

I think that iOS only allows for version codes that follow the number.number.number format. We ran into this problem as well because our bugfix patches for Android typically end in a letter but we needed to go to another format since App Store Connect would reject the use of letters. I think generally these days developers aim to use semantic versioning for their apps so it might be worth switching to that model as part of your iOS publishing process.

But my version code is only a number. I think that teh problem is the version name (text) on the Ai2 screen of Project Propeties ª Publishing. The AI2 builder for iOS seems take the text code version and not the code number version.

I have received this mail form Apple:

What I do now?

For sent to the Apple review the system asked me about this:

There is any encrypt method in the App?

We only use the standard encryption algorithms, such as TLS if you use HTTPS, so you likely want to select the second option. If you don't make any network calls, then the last option is the one you want.

Ok. Thanks. I have https.

In the Apple now I have the same code pfor teh version code and text:

The problem is on the screen Ai2 to put these info in the Project Propierties. The builder take the text as the code.

It seemed like stripping the CPv from the version name would have made more sense, so the VersionName would be 1.4.292.

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Hello @ewpatton
I had received from Appel over their issues review report this message:

It seems my App have a bug on lunch with version +17.4 (the OS last version).
With priors versions runs well.

May be there is a problem with the Builder for the newest versions of iOS.
I have not and iPhone with the newest version 17.4. Can you confirm if it is possible? Thanks

I can try and test it but I will need you to PM me the latest copy of your AIA to test with.

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