Problem variable?

I have the following font blocks:

  • when the choice is made this is deleted from the list
    But when I restart the recording, the one that doesn’t work. I have to quit and restart the screen so that the item in the list is deleted.
    Because at variable ??
    Ty for advance

I see a few problems based on your blocks …

  • You try to get from TinyDB in your initialize global variable blocks. That is not allowed. You should do that in your Screen.Initialize section, and in your when Other Screen Closed section (if necessary.).

  • You have a list variable stored under a TinyDB tag, but the default value for TinyDB.notfound you supplied was ‘20’, instead of create empty list. that fouls up any list blocks that try to read that value.

I solved the problem by adding the following block …

Bye and good day…02