Problem to listview data from google sheet in emulator

Capture 3

When I run the program, this message display.

Capture 2

I already changed the last part of URL to "export?format=csv" and share to all viewers with the link.

Do I miss something on the blocks? Can anyone help?

You missed showing us what arrived in responseContent.

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Capture 4

Do you mean this?

well, if this is the response content, then, as you can see yourself, this is not a table in csv format... and therefore the list from csv table block is not able to convert it into a list...
something is not correct with your url...

you might want to use this solution by @TIMAI2


Try using a gviz query in your url instead of plain old output=csv

If that doesn't work, create a new spreadsheet.

I used a new sheet, and the url as follow

but it still shows the same message. is the link wrong?
do i need to write programming codes before using google sheet?

If you click on the link above, does it offer to download / or download a csv file to your computer ?

Yes, it download a csv file to my computer

Works fine for me

Do you just display the global name on listview?
Do you need to write scripts on google sheet?

Have you tried the gviz query method as posted above? This has fixed things for others.

I only tested to get data from spreadsheet and show it in listview

I changed the link to *

but it still not working. why?

Try this , for me works fine with both links
spreadsheet1.aia (2.7 KB)

I download your blocks and run, just display the error message again "cannot parse the text .... to csv list table ...."
what happen with my app inventor?

Now I see the problem, you are using emulator. Try to use Companion or download an alternative emulator like MemuPlay and use the Connect->Companion dialog to connect to a copy of the Companion on an emulator.

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Yes, it works on Companion, thanks.

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