Problem: Sms Received

Hello at all, I have a problem with the block sms
received, practically when I receive the message with written start does not send the information to the DB. Can you help me, Thank you.

Dear Francesco,
what I suggest is to convert to "upcase" any received string before comparing it with the expected one. Maybe it's not the solution but it can help (in this way you will not care if any received string is upcase or lowercase).
Ciao, Ugo.

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Two suggestions:
First, in the Screen1.Initilize, do the retrieval from the TinyDB first, before you do the chooseDialog, because your are not sure that this will be executed if you do it after the choice.
Second suggestion, try to debug what you really get as SMS text, for example by using ShowAlert with your Notitfier. In this way you will see what you really get, and maybe understand why it is not sent to the web.

The strange thing is that if I click on Bn_position send the data correctly but when I receive the message nothing happens

What does his mean? Is the SMS2.MessageReceived ever called?
To find out, I have the same advice. Put in a Notifier message!
When everything is OK then you can delete these notifier messages again, but for debugging it is very handy.

With Sms 2.MessageReceived I would like to stop the localization. Anyway thanks for the advice now I try immediately.