Problem setting time to source

Hi everyone. I'm new to App Inventor and I'm managing to make a Radio App using a streaming URL. Everything is fine, but I can't get it to play immediatelly after clicking the play button. It takes a few seconds to start. I've tried some suggestions posted on the forum but when they are enabled, the player doesn't even start. I've attached a

screenshot of the configuration I did. I appreciate any kind of help.

It will take a couple of seconds for the player to buffer the stream so that it has something to play.
You can help the user by using a clock timer and a notifier progress dialog...

You may also want to look here:

Exactly! Not convinced about the delay before the audio is played; play this in your PC's browser just click on the link and see how long it takes to play the audio stream. :astonished:

Just click on the blue link; it takes about six seconds to load the buffer to play the stream


This delay is not an issue with App Inventor but is just how things work.

You cannot use the same button click event twice. You will see red x's in the upper left corner of the blocks. This is not correct.